On Ravi Shankar’s passing

16 Dec

Ravi Shankar left his body this week.

With this event we not only lost a great musician, perhaps a great father of two gifted daughters, perhaps a great teacher and a friend to many. I am reminded of his role in music, being a catalyst of our “alchemical process” of becoming conscious through music. He was a link between the deeply spiritual traditions of India and the popular music of the west. Perhaps he wasn’t even comfortable playing this role but he was chosen to do so, unlike any other man in history. He became a reference point (as I’d like to call it) for us in matters of excellence and vision. His reluctance to play this role made him all the more extraordinary.

Ravi inspired many, and it is timely to remember his gift to the world. His passing opened up a deep silence in me, a silence that doesn’t want to be filled hastily with some other icon. There is no other icon that compares to Ravi Shankar.


New review by Stephen Hill of “You Are The Music Of My Silence”

6 Oct

Stephen Hill, the esteemed radio host of Hearts Of Space, graciously offered this review for my new CD “You Are The Music Of My Silence”:

A rich fusion of Indian and western music by two masters of exotic acoustic instruments.  Harry Manx’s mohan veena gives the album an enjoyable melodic twang, while Hans Christian’s  multi-instrumental contributions and studio expertise create a seductive sound.

New Bhava Ram CD

1 Oct

I am working on a new CD with Bhava Ram. We tracked the basic tracks at his house in Coronado, CA last week. It will be very beautiful and soulful, with several guest artists and yours truly wearing multiple http://www.deepyoga.comhats.

Eastern Moods for Echoes October CD of the Month

1 Oct

The Echoes Blog

You can trace many movements in modern music back to The Beatles, and they are at the roots of Hans Christian and Harry Manx.  Not The Beatles of “She Loves You,” but the eastern-influenced Beatles of “Tomorrow Never Knows” and especially “Within You Without You.” Musicians like the German-born Christian and English-born Manx were inspired by those sounds to head east, although each approached it from a different perspective.

HANS CHRISTIAN is a classically trained cellist whose 1990s albums, Phantomsand Surrender, took his instrument into electronic and ambient terrain.  But it was his work with Rasawhere he found his true voice, partly inspired by George Harrison’s recording of devotional chants from the Radha Krsna TempleHe’d become expert on the Indian sarangi, the Swedish nyckelharpe and the sitara, and he curved the sounds of these instruments into yearning melodies, wrapped them up in electronica…

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Happy Hans at age 5

23 Sep


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23 Sep

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