Selling one of my old cellos!

20 Jan

Every once in a while it is time to let go. Shift, change, new energy. And so it is time for me to sell my oldest instrument, my “gypsy” cello. Estimated to be over 200 years old, it has served me well on many recordings and is immortalized on quite a few CDs that I played cello on. I’m looking for the perfect next owner who wants to own and take care of an older cello and who appreciates the marks of time that are imbedded in this sweet instrument. If you are looking for something new and racy, this might not be it; but if you are intrigued by an instrument that is oozing history, that will tell you stories of countless musical moments (including countless sessions with Hans!), than this may be worth a look.

I found this sweetheart dusted over and forgotten in a storage room of a music store in Hannover, Germany in 2005, and as soon as I picked it up to play I was hooked! There was a mystery around this cello that fascinated me. I ended up bringing it back to the US and asked Gerald Field of Field violinworkshop in Highland Park IL to give it a complete makeover. His expert touch stabilized old cracks, reshaped some marks of time, and added a new finger board (the old one was made of cherry wood!). So, here it is:

Next owner, please step forward!


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